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Maharashtra, India
Roller Chain
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NU-TECK Roller chain Flexible Couplings are compact, all steel, long lasting flexible couplings, capable of transmitting relatively high torques with minimum of space consumption. Consequently, they provide a most economical means of positive transmission of power from one shaft to another.

The simple design and construction of these couplings make them extremely easy to install and disconnect, providing additional economy of operation.

The sprockets are identical in construction, thus providing a balanced unit in operation and reducing effects of vibration. In addition, the flexibility of roller chain plus clearance between the chain rollers and sprocket teeth allow for slight misalignment and shaft end float.

Coupling sizes will usually meet most power transmission requirements. However when necessary special couplings can be furnished on a made to order basis to suit a particular application. In such cases, complete information should be given when requesting a recommendation or quotation. This includes horsepower and RPM requirements, hub dimensions, bore and keyway sizes, and general operating conditions.