B Style Flange
Model B (bushed) flanges are produced of your exact same high-strength cast iron as the S flanges
B flanges are created to accommodate the industry common bushing for simple installation and elimination
B flanges are available in sizes six through 16
S-Flex couplings with B flanges (for use with bushings) are typically supplied with all the two-piece E sleeve
The B style flanges can be utilised with any on the sleeves pictured on SF-5, using the exception in the Hytrel sleeve
B flanges is often utilized in blend with S Kind flanges
Bushings have a split style that permit for a compression fit for secure mounting from the flange for the shaft without set screws
The bushing’s clamp like fit produces a one-piece assembly to get rid of wobble, vibration, and fretting corrosion
Slightly oversized or undersized shafts can be accommodated with all the same safe grip
The layout prevents possibly hazardous key drift on applications topic to pulsation or vibration
B flanges are bored to accept a bushing accommodating several bore sizes, thus lowering stock and growing coupling versatility
Bushing bore availability may be found in current listing selling price books or from the Customer support Representative