Product:  SMC600, SMC1000, SMC1100, SMC1200
OEM: accept
Our most significant positive aspects: we are capacity to design SMC forming process based on clients’ SMC items and customise Equipment.
Who we are?—we are Shindah CZPT, have sturdy R&D potential on SMC forming technological innovation and turn-key Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) Strains and now we are in front in this business.
Provide scope: we make SMC Device from lower-degree configuration to Substantial-level configuration, to meet up with different ranges wants.
Machine introduction:
SMC Machine is utilised to produce SMC which is produced as a continuous sheet, including PE Movie feeding device, Medical doctor box system, Fiber glass chopping portion,compacting method and SMC Sheet packing device.
Conveying unit. The equipment adapts double chain belt conveying PE film with materials. Chain belt push managed by frequency inverter, procedure stable, velocity regulation precision, frequency modulation accuracy up to .01Hz.

PE Carried Films feeding system adopts pneumatic managing film rigidity, and a PE film flattening, anti wrinkle purpose system is offered, to make sure the movie continuous stress and no fold feed into the paste location.

Medical professional Box System. It adopts higher precision scraper and the base plate parts, its clearance precision can be .1mm, to make certain the paste evenly coated to PE film. In purchase to avoid the resin paste impurities particles scratch PE movie, the equipment is geared up with pneumatic lifter, can conveniently and rapidly make the scraper up and down.
Glass fiber cutting element:  it controls the stress of reducing roller and PU roller in pneumatic way, and the blades put in spirally, to ensure the smooth procedure, boost the daily life of the blade and yarn high quality. The reducing roller speed controlled by frequency conversion, which assures the precision of yarn slicing. The glass fiber cutting unit and chain belt device together make sure large precision and steadiness of yarn material in closing items. 
We can add glass mat unit if it is essential.  
compaction part: the impregnation and compaction is fulfilled by a sequence of rollers, and the pneumatic force function on these rollers, to guarantee the mixing good quality of yarn and resin paste.
     Different pneumatic device demonstrated on beneath photo:

Roller packing or Box packing system: there are two sorts collection methods on this equipment, that’s roller packing and box packing. It equips with pressure adjustment, to make certain the high quality of the assortment, far better for sheet thickening. For the box packing unit, It can change to put SMC sheet to an additional box instantly.

Manage System: PLC Electronic manage system.
SMC Paste mixing & charging system: it can be batch type or on the web type.
Software: the smc assignments we make including SMC CZPT Areas, SMC h2o tanks, SMC Roof tile, SMC Manhole Go over, SMC Automobile CZPT Components, Pipe using UV Curing SMC Venture ect

device particulars display:

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