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EPT Chrome and Organic EPT Vertical EPT Sump EPT

EPT pumps SP(R) collection

1. Vertical variety centrifugal slurry pumps

2. Application for sump pumping, One stage pump

ZJL(R) centrifugal slurry pumps are mostly employed to pump higher-hardness, strong-corrosion and higher-concentration liquids that incorporate suspended sound particles, this kind of as finished ores, refuse ores, ashes, cinders, cements, mud, EPTral stones and and so on.


D: 40-two hundred mm

Q: seventeen-891 mm

H: four-37 m


1. Dress in-resistant metallic, the impeller variety of put on-resistant steel or rubber material.

two. ZJL(R) type sump pump elements, immersed in liquid rubber lining.

3. Distinct size of the pump EPT shaft or inhaled could be selected

four. V-belt EPT, direct EPT, and fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble coupling.

5. EPTT to lubricate oils.

six. use of variable-velocity, the best issue in the pump operation, EPTT services lifestyle, run- effective,satisfy several negative transportation situations.

Type Allowable Mating Max. EPTT
Variety Of Functionality EPTTeller
Capacity/Q EPT
Max Performance
No. of Vanes Diameter
m sup3/hr L/S
40ZJL fifteen 19.forty four-43.two 5.four-twelve four.five-28.5 a thousand-2200 40 5 188
65ZJL thirty 23.four-111 6.five-30.eight five-29.five seven-hundred-1500 fifty five 280
100ZJL 75 fifty four-289 fifteen-80.three 5-35 five hundred-1200 fifty six 5 370
150ZJL 110 108-479.16 8.five-forty 500-one thousand fifty two 5 450
200ZJL a hundred and ten 189-891 152.five-247.five 6.5-37 four hundred-850 sixty four 5 520
250ZJL two hundred 261-1089 seventy two.five-302.five seven.5-33.five four hundred-750 sixty 5 575
300ZJL two hundred 288-1267 80-352 six.5-33 350-700 50 five 610
40ZJLR fifteen 17.28-39.6 four.eight-eleven four-26 1000-2200 forty five 188
65ZJLR 30 22.five-one zero five 6.twenty five-29.15 five.five-30.5 seven hundred-1500 fifty one five 280
100ZJLR 75 sixty four.eight-285 18-seventy nine.two seven.five-36 600-1200 62 five 370

EPT EPTs Part Code: PV4073EE05, PV4073GE05, PV062G01, PV077C21, PV008E05, PV004D21, PV571G01, PV571LG01, SP4092A05, SP4206A05, SP4041A05, SPR4092R55, SPR4206R55, SPR4041R55, SPR4153R55…

QV65073EE05, QV65073GE05, QV65073JE05, QV062G01, QV077C21, QV008E05, QV65154EE02, SP65092A05, SP65206A05, SP65041A05, SPR65092R55, SPR65092R55, SPR65206AR55, SPR65041R55, QVR65019R55…

SP10092A05, SP15716A05, SP10041A05, RV10073GE05, RV10073JE05, RV062G01, RV008E05, RV571G01, SP10116LD21, SP10092A05, SP15716A05, SP10041A05, SPR10092R55, SPR15716AR55, SPR10041R55, RVR10019R55…

SV15073LE02, SV062G01, SV008E05, SP15092A05, SP15206AA05, SP15041A05, SPR15092R55, SPR15206AR55, SPR15041R55, SVR15073LR55…

SV15073LE02, SV062G01, SV571G01, SV20154LE02, SV25712E02, SP20092A05, SP25716A05, SP20041A05…

  in Ambon Indonesia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier High Chrome and Natural Rubber Vertical Slurry Sump Pump manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler