Household Low Price Farm Agricultural Tools Seeder and Fertilizer Machine

                  Single row / double row seeding and fertilizing device

The corn planter/seeder cum fertilizer, a planting machine, can plant corn, wheat, soybean, peanut, etc it is appropriate for the fertilizing and seeding in the corn fields in the basic and hilly regions.  

The seeding potential, seeding row area and the doing work width is adjustable.


CZPT Data 

Item models Corn planter/seeder
Matched power kg Gentleman hand electricity
Accessible rows   1
Doing work depth mm thirty-one hundred fifty
Corn seeding tank kg ten
Quantity of fertilizer tank L .02
Weight kg 13kg
Device dimensions mm 900*180*850

Positive aspects

Compaction, completely automatic operate germination charge (increase)

a new chain, when restricted spherical off the chain.

Visible, seeding.

seeding amount adjusted, and generally to every acupuncture level 1 to 2.

Can dibbling, sesame seed, millet, mung beans, veggies, rapeseed, and so forth.

Tubeless variety rubber wheel, swift stroll light, there is no run fuel, sturdy, corrosion resistant, at the very same time with the flywheel, species of much more than a little backward.

Product Description


one. It is primarily utilised for sowing seeds, peanuts, corn, cotton, soybeans, mung beans, wheat, millet, greens, rapeseed, 2. Push variety equipment, it can modify diverse main, sowing density can be altered three. Otherwise all-in-a single double line seeding, fertilization, planting, fertilizer, seeds

can also be two strains at the identical time.Help save time by easy procedure, strength conserving.

Equipment description:

Essence kind seeding on corn planting, develop corn CZPT singling seedlings, can also fertilize, energy use.Seeds with main, suited for planting peanuts., in accordance to your require to adjust, the adjustment of the small plate of planting distance about 16 cm, the adjustment of the massive plate of planting length about 21 cm, planting length 15-thirty cm adjustable, planting time will have a certain gap, so planting distance is about distance.Precision seeder is a maize sowing equipment, corn can be single seed sowing seeds, far more accurate, preserve seeds and do not have to pull seedling time.

Solution consumer handbook

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SIHNO CZPT Constrained was launched in 2008 and has because grow to be a trusted brand in agricultural machinery market. We focus in producing and distributing agricultural devices and equipements like: tractor, mini mixed harvesters, corn seeder, vegetable seeder, corn combine harvester rain CZPT, Rice Transplanter, Corn CZPTer, CZPT Land Leveling Machine, Aerator, sprayers and other Agricultural Implements.
Our mission is to enhance our item good quality and to attain the supreme level of buyer services and gratification.  Our main markets contain: Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Thailand, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia.

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Household Low Price Farm Agricultural Tools Seeder and Fertilizer Machine