H1060 Food Grade PP Material Flat Top Plastic Modular Belt for Conveyor Machine

H1060 Meals grade PP materials flat best plastic modular belt for conveyor machine


CZPT Modular CZPT Belt Feature

♦High toughness resources

Utilised in meals,beverage, and packaging machinery industry     

♦Siding properties               

In several circumstances these resources are specially described for conveyor apps. All different materials have friction coefficients customized to the intended application. ♦Flatness

The layout of the mould and the management of the generation process consider care of flatness values meeting the maximum standards. Jointly with the optimum sliding houses, this will prevent tipping of the goods conveyed.


Modular CZPT Belt Advantages

1. Crack via the traditional comfortable environment
Beneath or over eighty ºC ~ twenty ºC producing items, if use a metal mesh belt, its deformation will haunt, our goods are with high temperature and reduced temperature houses of supplies, applicable temperature ranges from – fifty ºC to a hundred ºC, and is because of to the modular conveyor belt, restore and replac

2.Say goodbye to pollution and increase good quality
The modular plastic conveyor belt has conquer the pollution issue, and the plastic substance that satisfies the hygienic standard is shaped in a single body. There are no capillary holes and gaps in the framework.No make a difference the supply of any solution: pork, duck, fish and shrimp…And so on.They will not be infiltrated by the blood, oil and other resources of the merchandise.It will not absorb any impurities on the floor of the conveyor belt.This can guide to a most protected production process.In addition, its steadiness and chemical resistance are powerful, it will not be destroyed by detergent or sizzling h2o.


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Slat chain conveyor
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Max Pace:90M Iubricant
60M dryness
Pin:Stainless Metal

These chains are usually used for conveying cans,cartons,trays,shrink-wrapped goods,glass,PET and petaloid bottles and other plastic containers.


H1060 Food Grade PP Material Flat Top Plastic Modular Belt for Conveyor Machine