Multiflex Chains

The Multiflex Chains feature a patented top plate design that closes the chain surface on curves. These chains are widely used in the packaging and automotive industries, but they also come with features such as finger-trap-free surfaces on the sprockets. Listed below are some features of these chains that make them superior to standard plastic multiflex chains. These are a few reasons why these chains are better for your conveyor system.

The drive corner disc integrates the function of a sprocket and curve, eliminating the need for a return section and pitch elongation due to wear. This product offers the highest level of flexibility and performance for conveyor systems with bends. Multiflex Chains are designed to work reliably for long periods of time in any environment. A quick release pin is also designed to minimize downtime and increase uptime during maintenance.

Multiflex chains are designed for straight, level and inclining sections, as well as curves. The design allows them to carry products and workpieces without crushing them or tearing them. Because they are designed with 2 legs, Multiflex chains can also run on corner discs, which is important for safe conveying of small items. Lastly, Multiflex chains have a very high allowable working load. Therefore, you can rely on them for years to come.

1700 Multiflex Chain

1700TAB Multiflex Chain

1701 Multiflex Chain

1706 Multiflex Chain

1702 Multiflex Chain

1702TAB Multiflex Chain

1702M Multiflex Chain

1702TAB-M Multiflex Chain

1713 Multiflex Chain

1723TAB – L Multiflex Chain

1723TAB – R Multiflex Chain

1723TAB – M Multiflex Chain

1755 Multiflex Chain

1765 Multiflex Chain

2700 Multiflex Chain

9350 Conveyor Chain

Packaging Display of Chains

Our chain is most commonly supplied in 10ft boxes including 1 connecting link per box, but we can also supply this chain at custom lengths as needed. We also offer a full line of good-quality sprockets for this chain. For pricing and availability please contact us at any time.

Production Workshop of Chains

Chains and Sprockets

Chains and sprockets are mainly used in the the transport industry and machine building industry to rotate wheels by means of motors or engines.These drive chiains and sprocket both help the wheelbase to run fast according to the engine speed.The chain hangs between the motor and the sprockets,the motor turns the sprocket and the chain is connected to the sprocket teeth,which can turn simultaneously with the motor wheel,thus making the vehicle or machine run smoothly.HZPT is 1 of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China.We can offer various high-quality chains and sprockets.

HZPT is an industry-leading, reliable and outstanding roller chain supplier that aims to provide high-quality products at more competitive prices and better service.

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