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Cheap SHANTUI heavy duty 47 ton crawler excavator SE470LC

Technical Features

*Imported hydraulic parts, stable and reliable quality, high efficiency, mining and walking force;

*New cab and seat, new interior and new automatic air conditioning system with automatic ventilation regulation and comfortable operation;

*Enhanced working device and car, heavy-duty chassis parts, to adapt to the harsh working conditions, a variety of bucket options, optional hammer, Ripper, quick change device and other accessories of a landfill, mining, crushing, leveling work such as the use of a machine;

*Large tool box and fuel tank, electrical equipment centralized arrangement;

*Category box frame, side beam, side plate, angle steel reinforcement, wide gauge, long grounding length.

Pereformance Parameters

ENGINE Model Imported brand Type Highpressureandcommonrail,air-airintercooled,turbocharging Quantityofcylinders 6 Borexstroke 125x147mm Displacement 10.8L Poweroutput 250kW HYDRAULICSYSTEM Pump Imported Type Doublepistonpumpplusgearpump Maximumdischargeflow 2×360+27L/min TRAVELSYSTEM Travelmotor Variableaxialpistonmotor Travelbrakes Lubricateddouble-disc Parkingbrake Pressurerelease Travelshoes 2×49 Travelspeed 3.3/5.6km/h Drawbarpullingforce 364kN Gradeability 70%(35°) Minimumgroundclearance 570mm OILCAPACITY Fueltank 550L Coolingsystem 34L Engineoil 35L Hydraulicoiltank 366L SWINGSYSTEM Brake PressureReleaseMechanicalBraking Swingspeed 10rpm Tailswingradius 3720mm Armdiggingforce 242KN Bucketdiggingforce 288.5KN BUCKET Bucketcapacity 2.1m3 Numberofbucketteeth 5 Bucketwidth 1748mm Armlength 3.381m



12.04m/11.83m Maximumdiggingdepth/height 7.815m/10.785m Maximumdumpingheight 7.6m Minimumswingradius 4.84m
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