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Place of Origin:
South Korea
Brand Name:
PCT coupling
Standard or Nonstandard:
Roller Chain
Flexible or Rigid:

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We believe that the most important thing of all is to be the best in the field and area that we belong to. That is the way we "PTC" put our most efforts to learn every possible advanced technology. PTC has proudly manfactured and distributed Power Transmission Components since 1989.PTC’s products are manufactured in a modern plant equipped with all necessary design,development and production facilities, PTC factory operates under the total quality assurance according to ISO9001 standard.Our objectives have always been to deliver World-Class Power Transmission Couplings and we proude ourselves in offering not only product but the craftsmanship as it is.

Product Types:

1. Mechanical Parts.

Mechanical Parts:Chain Couplings

NARA flexible roller chain couplings give high efficiency in connecting directly two shafts for the transmission of power. As NARA roller chain couplings consist of three major parts two hardened teeth sprockets and one RS double standard roller chain, they offer the following characteristics.1. Easy installation against shaft maintenance2. Protection against shaft misalignment3. Long Service LifeYou can obtain the most suitable chain coupling easily from wide varieties of stock standard chain couplings in stock.


Structure roller chain Flexible or Rigid Flexible Standard or Nonstandard Standard Place of Origin South Korea Brand Name PCT coupling