Alumina Ceramic Pipe Tube Sleeve Bend for Discharge Elbow

Alumina Ceramic Pipe Tube Sleeve Bend for Discharge Elbow


Solution Description
Put on resistant alumina ceramic elbow bend pipe created by the isostatic urgent technology, the item with high density,fine grinding area polished,assembled with other composite pipe , is a variety of best resistant to wear and corrosion protection materials conveying.

· Use resistant
· Impact resistance
· Easy set up
· Short set up time
· High hardness 
· Superior abrasion  
· Corrosion and chemical resistance 
· Light weight 
· Low maintenance cost: Super wear-resistance reduce the maintenance frequency and also the upkeep price.
· Good fluidity : Smooth surface ensure the free flow of material CZPT  blocking

· As alumina ceramic dress in-resisting lining of coal-electing tools on coal sector
· Cements industries
· As put on resistant alumina ceramic lining of fall funnel, lining of dress in-resisting pipe and bender,
· As use resistant alumina ceramic liner of content tranfer pipe and chute, and many others, on metal sector.
· As dress in ceramic liner for l thansfer tools
· As Alumina ceramic dress in plates Inside of and outdoors floor of powder separating equipment on iron and metal functions
· Ceramics, mines and other grinding tools lining
· Components of gear hermal and power crops
· Grinding programs Mixer Software areas
· Separator systems chain conveyor
· Cyclones diffusor
· sinter slurry ducts
· Hooper High temperature cyclones
· Ventilator housing salt crops

Chemshun Ceramic Pipe Benefits
· Long life span and servicing cost-free operation 
· No operation interruption or generation losses 
· No contamination of the conveyed resources owing to abrasion, mixture or oxidation
· Physiologically harmless, appropriate for food products 
· Smooth floor to obtain excellent flowability and to avoid plugs
· No spilled material to cleanse up
· Minimal use reduction and prolonged working daily life.
· Excellent affect resistance.
· Very good corrosion resistant
· Very good thermal shock resistance.
· Clean floor and good adherence resistance.
· Quick installation and good services after sale.
· Complex condition and various dimension created according to customers’ needs.


Product ID(mm) OD(mm) Thickness(mm) Length(mm) R(mm) Diploma
Straight Tube seventy six 106 15 a hundred and fifty-250 / /
Straight Tube a hundred 140 twenty 305 / /
Straight Tube 150 185 17.5 a hundred and fifty-250 / /
Straight Tube 152 182 15 a hundred and fifty-250 / /
Straight Tube 200 240 20 305 / /
Bend 76 106 15 / four hundred seven.five
Bend a hundred and one 131 fifteen / 500 five
Bend one hundred fifty 185 seventeen.5 / 1500 3
Bend 151 181 fifteen / 750 7.5
Chemshun Ceramic pipe measurements assortment : ten~five hundred mm

Application in CZPT

Sector Tools system Tools areas
Cement Pre-blending technique for crashing limestone and crude gas Chute, bunker, pulley lagging, discharge cone
Raw mill system Feed chute, retaining ring, scraper plate, seal ring, pipeline, bucket guard, cyclone, powder concentrator human body, bunker
Cement mill method Chute, bunker, enthusiast vane wheel, fan casing, cyclone, round duct, conveyer
Ball mill method Pulverizer exhauster’s body and vane wheel, powder concentrator’s physique, pulverized coal’s pipeline, sizzling air duct
Sintering system Inlet/outlet bend, wind value plate, cyclone, chute, dust collector’s pipe
Afterheat program Separator’s pipeline and wall
Metal Raw materials feeding technique Hopper, silo
Batching program Mixing bunker, mixing barrel, mixing disk, disk pelletizer
Sintered substance transport method Hopper, silo
Dedusting and Ash discharge method Dedusting pipeline, bend, y-piece
Coking technique Coke hopper
Medium-velocity mill Cone, separation buffles, outlet pipe, pulverized coal’s pipeline, burner cone
Ball mill Classifier, cyclone separator, bend, powder concentrator’s inner shell
Thermal energy Coal dealing with technique Bucket wheel device, coal hopper, coal feeder, orifice
Ball mill system Separator’s pipe, elbow and cone, coal mill’s elbow and straight tube
Medium-pace mill coal mill physique, separation buffles, cone, pipeline, elbow
Fall mill Pulverized coal’s pipeline and elbow
Dedusting program Dedusting’s pipeline and elbow
Ash discharge technique Admirer duster’s shell, pipeline
Port Transporting materials program Bucket wheel machine’s disk and hopper, transfer point’s hopper, unloader’s hopper,
Smelting Transporting material program Measuring hopper, coke hopper, vibrating screen’s chute, head valve, Intermediate bin, tail bin
Batching program batch hopper, mixing equipment
Burning program Ash bucket, pump calcine tube, hopper
Dedusting program Dedusting’s pipeline and elbow
Chemical Transporting content program Hopper, silo
Dedusting program Dedusting’s pipeline and elbow
Processing products Vibromill liner
Coal Coal managing technique Bucket wheel machine, coal hopper, coal feeder
Coal washing technique Hydrocyclone
Mining Transporting content program Hopper, silo

CZPT Data Sheet

S.No. Characteristics Unit CHEMSHUN ninety two I CHEMSHUN92 II CHEMSHUN ninety five
1 Alumina Content % 92 ninety two 95
two Density g/cc ≥3.sixty ≥3.60 >3.65
3 Shade White White White
4 Water Absorption % <0.01 <0.01
five Flexural Toughness Mpa 270 300 320
6 Moh’s Density Grade nine nine nine
seven Rock Well Hardness HRA 80 85 87
8 Vickers Hardness(HV5) Kg/mm2 a thousand 1150 1200
9 Fracture Toughness (Min) MPa.m1/2 3-4 3-4 3-4
ten Compressive strength Mpa 850 850 870
11 Thermal Enlargement Coefficient
(twenty five-1000ºC)
1×10-6/ºC eight 7.six eight.1
12 Optimum procedure temperature ºC 1450 1450 1500


Alumina Ceramic Pipe Tube Sleeve Bend for Discharge Elbow