Xihu (West Lake) Dis. HangCZPTg Wire Mesh Products Factory,  a welded wire mesh sheet manufacturing facility with 20 many years exporting experience, 

Materials, black tough wire, electro galvanized wire, very hot-dipped galvanized wire, stainless steel wire , brass wire. 

floor: electro galvanized after welding, hotdipped galvanized right after welding, PVC-coated after welding, power paint after welding 

normal wire diameter: .45mm to eight.0mm

common gap size: six.4mm to 200mm

welded wire mesh type: light-weight fat construction welded mesh in roll, heavy responsibility construction welded wire  mesh in roll. gentle weight  welded wire mesh sheet , heavy responsibility welded wire mesh

usual sheet dimensions: 1MX2M, 1.5MX2.5M, one.2MX2.0M, 2MX3M

usual roll: 1MX20M, 1MX30M, two.0MX50M

far more detail info are as follows:

Gap Size Wire diameter Extensive
Inch mm
one/4″X1/4″ 6.4mmX6.4mm .7mm .three-two.5m
one/4″X1/4″ six.4mmX6.4mm 1.2mm .three-2.5m
one/four”X1/2″ 6.4mmX12.7mm .9mm .three-2.5m
1/four”X1″ 6.4mmX25.4mm one.2mm .3-2.5m
one/three”X1/3″ 8.5mmX8.5mm one.0mm .three-two.5m
1/3″X1/3″ 8.5mmX8.5mm one.2mm .three-2.5m
3/eight”X3/eight” nine.5mmX9.5mm .9mm .3-two.5m
three/8″X3/8″ nine.5mmX9.5mm one.0mm .three-two.5m
1/two”X1/2″ 12.7mmx12.7mm .7mm .three-two.5m
1/2″X1/2″ 12.7mmx12.7mm 2.0mm .three-two.5m
1/two”X1″ 12.7mmX25.4mm two.5mm .three-two.5m
3/4″X3/four” 19mmX19mm 1.0mm .3-2.5m
1″X1″ twenty five.4mmX25.4mm 3.0mm .3-2.5m
two”X2″ 50mmX50mm three.0mm .three-2.5m