2000bph 4000bph 3 in 1 Automatic Bottle Water Juice Filling Machine for Mineral Water Plant

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mineral drinking water plant

Wind send out tao and triad filling machine directly connected, the bottle bottle transmission adopts the entire way. 

The equipment creation procedure is as follows: in the wind to deliver the bottle by way of the star wheel dial bottle sent to the three capabilities of bottle filling device. Tuming equipment mounted on the back wheel card bottle variety stainless steel bottle clamp, clamp of bottle bottlenecks alongside a guide rail change 180 ° make bottle down. In a certain area of the blunt bottle equipment, particular nozzle flush bottle of h2o, to clean the bottle inside, at the very same time also to clean on the outer wall of the bottle. The bottle right after rinse, drain in bottle clamp clamping down together the guide rail and then turn one hundred eighty ° bottle up. After wash the bottle bottles in dial the bottle of star wheel by punching device export and sent to the filling machine. Into the bottle filling machine by bottleneck board live bottle to maintain, and through the lifting system below the result of CAM to understand rise and slide. Filling machine adopts gravity filling method, bottle filling valve to start filling up increase. When the content up to the conclude of the plug hole placement again filling. Right after the filling bottle fell out filling valve, the bottle, by means of the transition to dial into the screw cap machine. End screw cap on the screw knife stuck bottlenecks, to maintain the bottle upright and avoid rotation. Screw in the screw cap on the modesty of revolution and rotation, the CAM underneath the action of seize protect, set of cover, screw cap, cap off action, full the whole approach of block. Concluded solution bottle through a bottle thumbwheel from screw cap device transferred to the bottle on the conveyor chain, by the conveyor chain despatched triad filling device.
The device tools employing console window, lovely, generous.

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2000bph 4000bph 3 in 1 Automatic Bottle Water Juice Filling Machine for Mineral Water Plant